Top 10 deadliest diseases in the United States

From the list of top causes of death in the US, the majority are from medical conditions. As a matter of fact, approximately 70% are caused by ten fairly consistent diseases. Most of the illnesses in the United States are mainly caused by one’s own lifestyle. So, don’t belive it when people say that you are what you eat. Instead, you should believe in the saying, “Watch what you eat. Or it will kill you.”

Without further ado, here are the “Top 10 Deadliest Diseases” you got to be careful of.

Heart Diseases: 23.3% of deaths

Heart diseases cover problems linked with the heart such as the shrinking of arteries, high blood pressure, and failure of the heart.

Age susceptibility: This becomes a major concern at age 25 and onwards.

Cancers: 21.4% of deaths

Cancer covers any malignant growth or tumor within the body ranging from breast to skin. Cancer and heart diseases account for nearly half of the death counts in the US.

Age susceptibility: Cancer is spread in all ages with its peak at 45 to 64 years of age.

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases (CLRD): 6.4% of deaths

CLRD is a general term for lung diseases. This includes malfunctions, inflammations, and damages of specific portions of the lungs, such as bronchitis.

Age susceptibility: CLRD is inconsistent throughout the ages but peaks at 45 and onwards.

Cerebrovascular diseases: 5.0% of deaths

Cerebrovascular diseases is an umbrella term for the diseases resulting from damaged blood flow to the brain. One of its more famous conditions is stroke.

Age susceptibility: Stroke peaks at ages 65 and above.

Alzheimer’s Disease: 4.7% of deaths

Alzheimer’s Disease is a disorder of the brain which causes dementia. If you’re demented, you’re prone to memory loss and reduced thinking skills. Many of the deaths from Alzheimer’s suffocate from their own food as they have reduced abilities.

Age susceptibility: Alzheimer’s starts to peak when we reach 64 years old.

Diabetes: 2.5% of deaths

Diabetes is an abnormal increase of blood sugar. While this in itself cannot kill, its complications can. Untreated diabetics are at risk of damaged organs and nerves, stroke, and/or heart disease.

Age susceptibility: Diabetes peaks at ages 45 to 64.


Influenza and pneumonia: 2.0% of deaths

Influenza and pneumonia are highly communicable viral infections. Both can directly kill you through triggering your own immune system to target your own tissues. They can also kill you indirectly via secondary infections..

Age susceptibility: Almost all age brackets rank this in the lower half of the ten leading causes of mortality.

Kidney Diseases: 1.6% of deaths

Kidney disease is a broad term for kidney damage and malfunction. Kidneys play a big role as they are the filters of our blood. If blood isn’t filtered, its enormous complications include heart disease.

Age susceptibility: Kidney disease becomes a concern at age 45.

Chronic Liver Disease (CLD) and Cirrhosis: 1.4% of deaths

Livers are not just filters, they produce bile, protein, and other necessary substances. If left untreated, the consequences may range from heart disease to liver cancer.

Age susceptibility: Liver diseases peak at ages 45 to 64.

Septicemia: 1.4% of deaths

Septicemia is blood poisoning from bacterial infections originating from other organs such as the kidneys and lungs. Infected blood will contain toxins that could damage your organs such as the brain.

Age susceptibility: Septicemia is inconsistent and ranks in younger ages.


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