Is Santa Real-How old is Santa – Debunking the Myths?
Christmas is the best time of the year. Christmas for adults means partying, movies, and decorations. For kids, it is all about Santa Claus and gifts. Parents tell their kids stories about how Father Christmas Santa delivers gifts only to the well-behaved kids. Until a certain age, kids believe in Santa and don’t ask, is Santa real? In this article, we’ll debunk the myths about this cheerful old elf about whether santa is real and how old is santa, etc. Is Santa Real? Santa Claus is a legendary fictional character wearing a red coat adorned with collars and cuffs full of fur. Christians believe that Santa character originated from the famous Greek Bishop, Saint Nicholas. Some believe that Father Christmas originated from Sinterklaas, a Dutch figure, or Wodan, a German deity. Is Santa Claus real? Christmas stories and traditions say that Santa has a list of all the well-behaved kids and a naughty-kids list. During Christmas Eve, Santa Claus dashes through the snow in a reindeer- driven sled to deliver gifts to all the well-behaved kids. Even some children's behavior changes during the holiday season as they don't intend to get into the Naughty kids' list of Santa. But the fact is that not every child believes that anyone dressed in a Santa costume to be the real one. Believing in Santa Adds Increases the Critical Thinking Jacqueline Woolley, a psychology researcher at the University of Austin, states that there is no wrong in letting children believing in Santa Claus. She further adds it will help kids to enhance their critical thinking abilities. A child dreaming about Santa dashing through the sky in a reindeer-driven sleigh would help them develop various solutions. She goes on to add that kind of critical thinking is necessary to finding a solution to the issue of global warming. Does Santa Exist? According to Christmas traditions, Santa Claus has a long history that dates back to the 3rd century. Saint Nicholas, a beloved Greek saint was a lovable character and fond of children. Everyone called him the "Patron Saint of kids" for his lovable nature and kindness. For many years between 1200-1500 B.C, Saint Nicholas was the bringer of gifts to children. Soon after the Protestant Reformation, when saints and priests got executed, and bibles were burnt, saints fell out of favor. How Santa Claus Came into Existence Shortly after the birth of Jesus, the job fell into the hands of baby Jesus to bring gifts to the children. But since the thought of a baby carrying loads of gifts was not a viable idea, the Santa Claus character was born. Another theory is that people living in the Netherlands always saw St. Nicholas as a person who brings gifts. When they moved to various parts of the world, they brought in St. Nicholas or Sinterklaas with them. When do Kids Stop Believing in Santa? Research indicates that children up to the age of eight believe in Santa Claus and wait for him to deliver gifts during Christmas. At some point, they will ask themselves is santa real come to know that he is only a fictional character. Only then will they start realizing how a single person can deliver gifts to every child worldwide or how reindeers could ever fly etc.
While kids believe Santa to deliver gifts to them, parents also don’t want to debunk the myth. Since these stories about Santa delivering goods only to the well-behaved children, parents don’t want to be a killjoy. Some hope they would understand the truth and find answers for questions like how old is santa or is santa real. Final Thoughts There is a large anti-santa sentiment in many countries including Austria, Netherlands and the Czech Republic that the North American Santa overlaps on their original gift givers according to their traditional beliefs. But still the love for Santa has grown and is more visible during the holiday season. Santa Claus is all about happiness and belief in Father Christmas amongst our kids have been there for ages and there is no reason to wipe it out. Christmas is the most popular season of the year and Santa makes it more magical and happier for kids. Hope the above article answers to questions like is Santa real. how old is santa etc. Please provide your comments and suggestions in the feedback section.


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