How to Plan Your Backpacking Adventure

I’m gonna tell you a secret. I know that this is not your first article. Whether it is a long or short adventure, planning would need plenty of reading. Maybe this might even be your fourth article! Worry no more. I’ll give you a list to help you start checking off on your lineup of best travel destinations.

Kind of trip

The question is how long do you want it to be, a multiple week-long escapade or just a weekend getaway? If you want the former, then book a flight now to the next continent!

Secondly, is this journey a quiet respite or a bubbling adrenaline rush?

Thirdly, who are your companions? Are you preparing for a family trip, an adventure with friends, or a soul searching journey alone?

Fourthly, also the most important for most, is this a budget trip or a splurge?

Place of the trip

Now that you know the specifics, once you face a map, your options would be minimized.

You should factor in the distance you wish to cover from your choices. Having children would prompt destinations with easy trails and short distances. Naturally, if you’re alone or with friends, you could choose harder trails with more distance.

Take note of the weather and time since some destinations may be unavailable in certain periods.

Google everything you can. For a beginner backpacker, go to locations known in the backpacking world with plenty of posted itineraries, routes, and estimated costs. Use any resources to tell your route’s features (e.g., campsites).

Paperwork preparation

Going beyond the border? Never forget to process your visa properly.

Search any permit or insurance needed. This may come in handy if you are planning to rent a bike or a car.

Now you’re done, book your cheapest flight out of here!


Bag for the trip

Checklists for backpacking are practically scattered on the net. In general, these lists contain the following:

  • Bag: Your bag itself shouldn’t be too big. Most backpacker pros would recommend 40 to 60 litres.
  • Clothing: Limit your clothes, you can just launder them in each town you pass, even a pair of underwear can last four days.
  • Gear: Check your gear if it’s complete – sleeping bag, tent, and map, among others.
  • Food: Pack foods with long shelf lives. If you want to cook, bring a small food pot.                                                   


Itinerary for the trip

Going unplanned for a whole trip in a foreign land would be scary. So use an itinerary to budget your costs for commute and tourist spots. However, beware to not overly plan. Remember to be flexible along the way and just have fun. What else should a trip be for?


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