How to Choose the Right Cool Tech Gadget for Travelers

If you love travelling, then you probably know that portability and convenience are essential in buying a cool tech gadget. But since there are tons of gadgets and accessories to choose from, which one’s are the best quality items that you need and easily get your hands on?

Cost versus Function

Often, people shop looking for the cheapest gadget they can get their hands on. That’s true with us here at findmythink too. But is that all there is? The first thing you should always consider is the function of your gadget. Will be able to get a device that can replace three others? If so, then even at a higher cost, you should invest in an item that can serve you well.

Durability vs. Design

One thing that most people love about buying an item is how well it will look like in Instagram. But for travelers, the design is just an afterthought after studying the durability of an item. How far are you willing to go for an item that looks nice? But will it last a day in the wilderness or the restless environment of a tight-knit backpack? If you’re traveling and you’re shopping for cool tech gadgets to bring along, make sure that you look for items that have an IPX7 label. It means that it can be submerged under 1 meter of water for a maximum of 30 minutes and still function properly afterwards.


This is a definite must! Size is always a vital aspect of looking for a great gadget. When you’re traveling you want something that you can easily get and tuck away in almost an instant. Portability matters and one thing that helps you most is choosing items with a curved edge and a robust, slick design.


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