Five Digital Marketing Tactics That Won’t Work

Need I say why you need to try digital or online marketing if you want to grow your business? I guess not. There’s a good reason why entrepreneurs are flocking to the internet to sell just about everything online these days. And it’s because everyone spends too much time on it. May it be for social media, video streaming, emailing, research or just flat out wasting time, everyone, yes even your 80-year-old grandma are all caught in this world wide web!
So having said that, it could get really, really competitive online. So you have to make sure that you stand out. We can talk all day about what would give you the edge amongst your competitors but let’s try a different approach. Here are FIVE digital or online marketing tactics that won’t work!

Compromising quality over quantity

Say you’re just starting out but you have a promising product. Then suddenly you receive a bulk order of maybe 200 units. What do you do? Well there’s just you and you won’t be able to accommodate the order. But also you don’t want to lose potential customers. So in turn, you cut corners and decide to ship out inferior products, abandoning your principles that made your product great in the first place. This is a big No-No. Be realistic, set the expectations of your customer(s). Take the good kind of risk, they’d understand, you’ll lose them anyway if they won’t like your stuff. Also hire a team!

Being impersonal

Hey, this is the internet, we’re not dealing with people face to face so why bother with rapport? Wrong! You need to treat customers right no matter the setup. Even if you think you’ll never have to deal with them again. Remember, you are using a medium that interlinks billions around the world. They’ll put a good word for you online and it’ll sure spread like wildfire.

Not putting value on communication

Be mindful of updates from clients. Make a conscious effort to check your email or marketing apps regularly to have an open communication with them. Update them about the status of their order(s), be transparent. Especially because deals are done almost anonymously and through several borders.

Not seeking professional help

Well, you’ll need this to a degree. If it’s getting too big and you’re not sure how to proceed seek advice. There’s a lot of self-help tips online but it’s different if you’re talking to experts.

Forgetting about creativity

Always be creative with your approach. Think out of the box. Don’t settle for less and be passionate about what you do, it’ll all payoff.
What are you waiting for? Brainstorm time!


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