Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Blackhead Remover
Blackheads are one of the most common skin issues and also the most annoying ones too. If you are worried about standing in front of the mirror every other day and pinching your skin, then you are not alone. Even though people with oily skin are more likely to see blackheads appear, it can happen to anyone.
Blackheads, medically referred as comedones occur when pores in your skin gets filled with dead cells, dirt and oil and tuns black when exposed to oxygen. Without proper care and treatment, it will lead to more blackhead buildup in your skin.
In this article, we’ll look at various ways about how to get rid of blackheads using blackhead remover and others.
How to get rid of Blackheads?
When it comes to treating blackheads, there are various ways to treat them as discussed below. Once you read the methods outlined below, all your questions related to how to get rid of blackheads will get answered automatically.

Use Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is one of the best ingredients to treat blackheads. Hence, if you are looking to remove those annoying blackheads, then look for Over the Counter products that contain salicylic acid.
Skin experts say that salicylic acid is much better in treating acne, when compared with benzoyl peroxide. Combined with your daily cleanser, salicylic acid can help to get rid of those clogged materials. It includes dirt, dead cells and excess oil from the pores.

Exfoliate To Remove Dead Cells

There is a common misconception that exfoliation can cause negative effects on acne. This is totally false, as exfoliating your skin will only help in eliminating all the excessive dead cells from the clogged pores.
Instead of using hard scrubs, it is always better to make use of products using alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Both these AHAs and BHAs works great in making your skin soft and cleansing clogged pores.

Give Retinoids a Try

If both the above mention methods don’t give desired results, you can always give retinoids a try. It is also one of the most popular methods to treat blackheads and make your skin smooth and soft.
Generally, retinoids and retinol, alter the method of your skin cells growth.Hence, it prevents the pores from getting clogged with dead cells. It also largely helps in eliminating lines and wrinkles on your face,

Use a Blackhead Remover Device

Using needles and pins to cleanse your clogged pores is an old-fashioned way. Pore vacuum suction pumps is the future of skin care as they help keeping your skin smooth all the time. It also helps in getting rid of all the impurities, dead cells and oil from your skin quickly.
When it comes to blackhead remover devices, there are various products available on the market. We have just provided you with the most popular and widely used products:

Dayons 4 in 1 Multi-function Blackhead Whitehead Extractor Remover Device

The Dayons 4-in-1 is one such product that will help you to eliminate all those annoying blackheads from your skin. It comes with a cordless design, hence you can carry it around anywhere you need and say goodbye to all those clogged pores.

Personic Pure-Skin BR-100 Electric Blackhead Remover & Vacuum Pore Cleaner & Extractor

Personic Pure Skin BR-100 is another popular pore cleaner and extractor that uses strong vacuum suction technology. It assists in cleansing blackheads and whiteheads from your facial skin easily.
The Vacuum pore cleaner isquite handy and USB rechargeable as well. It also comes packed with 5 multi-functional heads to suit for all kind of skin types.

·Honelife Baby Nasal Aspirator Electric Nose Suction Nose Cleaner Booger Sucker for Infants Blackhead Remover

The Honelife Baby Nasal Aspirator is the next blackhead remover device in our list. It comes fitted with 3 levels of suction power to enable people of all skin types to use this device and eliminate blackheads easily.
It is extremely lightweight and compact. Hence, you can carry it around anywhere and keep your skin fresh and smooth all the time.

Use Clay Mask To Eliminate Blackheads

Clay masks effectively helps in drawing out the oil and toxins from the clogged pores in your facial skin. This unclogging ability of clay masks makes it s must-have skin care product for people with oily skin.
While some clay masks also contain sulfur which helps in breaking down the dead skin cells clogged up inside the pores. Apart from using clay masks, it is extremely important to continue with your exfoliation treatments every once in a week to keep your skin soft, smooth and shiny.

Use Pore Strips

When you stick a pore strip over your nose, it immediately gets attached to your skin. Once it gets dry, the adhesive in the strip gets attached to the oil, dead cells and the sebum on your skin.
Once you pull the strip out, all the impurities on your skin all gets removed. Even though it is a bit irritating, people with sensitive skin should use pore strips with care.

Try a Skin Brush

Similar to pore strips, vacuum suction pumps, skin brushes also help in eliminating impurities in your skin. Experts recommend to use skin brushes gently, especially you have sensitive skin. It is always better to use skin brushes after a gentle face wash with your daily cleanser.
One can find various types of skin brushes in the market and you need to choose one that suits your daily cleanser.

Try a Charcoal Mask

Like clay masks, charcoal masks are also very effective in eliminating blackheads on your facial skin. It quickly draws all the impurities on your skin including dirt, dead cells, oil and sebum and makes your skin silky and smooth free from blackheads.

Consult a Dermatologist

If you have deep blackheads or if the above methods don’t yield any desirable results, it is always better to consult a dermatologist. A professional dermatologist will clearly analyze your skin type and quality and will provide an effective treatment to remove all the blackheads from your skin.
Final thoughts
Hope the above article has answered all your queries about how to get rid of blackheads. Most people can benefit easily and get their face free from blackheads if they follow the methods outlined above.
If you have any new methods to eliminate blackheads or queries regarding how to get rid of blackheads, you can always post it in the feedback section below. Thank You!!!


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