Changing Your Mind Setting: The First Step at Success

Get off that couch and get a move on, hustle hustle hustle!!! If only it were that easy to motivate someone then things won’t be as complicated in this world as it is, right?
The reality is, not everyone has the same drive to be successful in life or in what they do. Heck, even the ones that do have motivation sometimes won’t have much luck. But as they say, nobody says it was easy, success comes with a price, a pretty hefty one.
How does one actually change his or her mindset, and set it for success?
There should be a NEED FOR CHANGE. You need to have positive motivation.

There are two factors that would trigger a need for change: internal and external.

 Internal Factors

These could be our dreams, aspirations, goals or anything that we want to achieve and be better at in life. This constant strive to be the best at a certain field would trigger us to change our ways and put the work needed and go for it.

It could also be discontent, “If you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room.” Never miss the chance to seek knowledge,. Constantly, seek change if you’ve outgrown certain things or probably even gotten accustomed to it like your daily routine. Continuously find ways to improve yourself. This internal factor for change is a sure-fire way to point you in the right direction.

What happens if someone just doesn’t feel the need to change? It’s not like they’re unmotivated, there’s just no reason to. That’s where EXTERNAL factors kick in.

External Factors

The change could be triggered by survival. There’s a reason why RAGS to RICHES stories are just so fascinating to people. Sometimes, people just change because of they kind of need to rather than wanting to.
These could also refer to people like you who are reading this article. That's exactly the reason why you’re reading this article right now. Now if you know anyone who needs motivation, especially the ones who’s got potential, don’t hesitate to tap them at the back and help them find their way. Sometimes people just need help in discovering what they want to do in life. Be that help, and lend a hand.

Again it wouldn’t be easy. You can get demotivated and distracted along the way. But with our goals in sight, we should be able to navigate through these seas of trials and tribulations no matter how rough the waves can be. So stop thinking that you’ll never make it. Just think of how fun the journey would be. Now that we already have the need to change our mindset, we can set it for success!


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