Beauty Care Strategies That Do Not Work

Over the years the internet has been stormed with various types of beauty care strategies that came from all over the world. People tend to take things on with their own hands and that's where thousands of beauty secret regimens started to pop up. Some has benefited many but alongside them are things that do not actually work. Here are the most common myths that do not contribute to taking care of yourself

Glue Face Masks

Peel-off masks have been a big hype ever since they came out. Ingredients have varied from charcoal to mud. Somehow, netizens started circulating that you can use school glue to replace these essential ingredients. As a matter of fact, glue is the exact opposite of a beauty secret. It contains polymers and chemicals that can rip your skin and can cause serious irritation.

Indoor Tanning

We always love to sport a good tan but it is important to keep in mind how you obtain it. Using tanning beds, tanning booths, or sunlamps can do more harm than good. Indoor tanning before the age of 35 can actually cause premature ageing. Also, it raises the chances of getting melanoma and skin cancer for being exposed to an unhealthy amount of UV radiation.

Cinnamon Face Mask

Another ongoing hype is a spiced face mask using cinnamon. Arguably cinnamon has properties that can cleanse the skin but this spice dangerously burns! Cinnamon contains a compound called Cinnamaldehyde which is highly irritating to the skin. Applying this to the skin will eventually lead to redness, swelling and soreness.

Toothpaste on Pimples

Make Your Face pimples with Toothpaste is wonderful when used on your teeth but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can work miracles on pimples. Toothpaste used to contain an ingredient called Triclosan. Triclosan can act as a bacteria killer but recently, this ingredient has been removed due to safety reasons.  Besides, toothpaste contains menthol which can easily irritate the skin.

Lip Plumpers

As many admire big plump lips, the list of DIY plumpers has been growing. People have tried, shot glasses, cayenne, cinnamon and even wasabi.  Yes, it plumps the lips but leaves nasty side-effects such as inflammation and heavy swelling.

Beauty care has evolved over the years and continuously offered new products. As consumers, we have the duty to be equipped with proper knowledge of what works and what does not. Taking one step ahead is never a bad thing. Doing the research and consulting professionals is still a better action to take than seeing how it turns out. After all, we do not want regrets when it comes to our beauty care.


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