3 Latest Technology Trends You Must Know in 2020

The world of technology has made a progressive evolution over the last two decades, each latest technology trends advancement is happened with the core objective to bring greater convenience to our day-to-day lives. Today, in this post, we’ve rounded up three technologies 2020 those will dominate the industry, so scroll down and have a look: –

Latest Technology Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Simply AI, artificial intelligence has been creating a lot of buzz in the technology sector for the last half a decade. However, this latest technology trends is still in its nurturing stage and its many possibilities & perks are yet to discover, thereby, the industry veterans believe that this technology will go from strength to strength in the coming years. Over the past few years, several industries are investing in the research and analysis of this technology with the quest to improve their operations capacity and offer value to their customers.

Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology that is being developed to mimic the intelligence of humans and perform a myriad of activities, these include the decision making, understanding the sleep patterns and the recognition of the images and speech. The AI has a knack of performing most of the human-related faster and with greater reliability, far more than the humans.

Machine Learning

Now, coming to the next Latest technology trends, it is machine learning, which is simply the subset of artificial intelligence. The machine learning is a revolutionary technology that makes the machines advanced enough to learn something for which they haven’t been programmed by undergoing the insights and data patterns. Under this technology, there are two ways of learning, one is supervised learning and other being unsupervised learning. The machine learning is rapidly been deployed in a number of industries where there has been a huge need for skilled professionals. It is anticipated by the year 2022 the industry of machine learning will be $8.81 billion, enough to suggest this technology is here.

Now, coming to the view of the consumers, machine learning has been implemented to enhance the search results, real-time ads, and the detection of the network intrusion.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

The virtual reality is the latest technology cool tech gadgets that perform the job of immersing the user into any environment of fascination without being there actually. On the other hand, augmented reality technology employs the latest practices and tactics to enhance the environment. Although virtual reality is a technology has been widely used to enhance the gaming experience, it has also been used for training fighter pilots in the military. Both technologies have endless potential when it comes to training, marketing, education, and even formulating a rehabilitation program after an injury. They can be used to revolutionize how doctors learn to perform surgeries and achieve a deeper theme park experience.

Is there any technology you think will drive our society forward? Share your views in the comment section of this blog post!


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